Welcome to Childroad!  Read and listen to great Chinese stories that your child can grow up with.

Childroad has carefully selected over 1,000 Chinese stories, and dozens of worldwide famous novels, having all of them read by a team of Chinese professional narrators including TV and radio hosts. All books can be read and listened to at the same time; text is heighted along the voice.  

At Childroad, children can explore a world of wonderful stories with voice, text and beautiful pictures.  They can travel the world with the Monkey King, the Magic Gourd, Dorothy and her crew, Nils and the goose; they can Go around the World within Eighty Days, submerge to the seabed in a trip over 20,000 leagues; they can meet the curious and creative Thomas Edison, befriend with considerate and polite Kong Rong, and learn from witty and brave Si Ma Guang.  Bit by bit, without them even noticing it, the children will become more and more familiar with the Chinese characters, and learn the native pronunciation and intonation of Chinese from the professional narrators.

Childroad content is suitable for children 4 to 12 years of age.  Parents and children can pick any books from the e-bookshelf to read and listen to online. There is no limit.  A family can have a main account and up to 3 sub-accounts at a charge of one.

Have a favorite book? No problem, everyone has their own backpack to keep their favorite books.  Just one click, your collection will be added.

Look for entertainment in a family trip? Very simple, download stories to MP3 player, or burn to CD’s! Every month you can download up to 90 minutes free MP3 stories, or buy additional minutes at preferred member price.

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For a cost equivalent to 2-3 Starbucks drinks per month, you can become a full member of Childroad, and introduce a fun and knowledgeable teacher and friend to your children, helping their quest to learn Chinese and the Chinese culture.

Join us now, and start a wonderful journey on the child road!